STRATEGY session
ARE YOU READY TO BECOME A business owner?

This is your complimentary opportunity (£450 value) to learn about business coaching, why consider an online consultancy business, how you can go about starting your own business, and what you can do to become a corporate escapee. In this session, we'll explore your current situation and create a strategy to get you to you dream outcome.

Do you want a profitable freelance business?

Maybe you're desperate to leave the 9-5 rat race?

Or simply want more time with your family?

Do you feel trapped beneath an income ceiling?

Or maybe you're already a freelancer but just can't get the volume of clients you want or the income you've been working so hard for?


Does this resonate?

 Why I Can Help? 

I’ve been exactly where you are now.


I went from job to job in search of fulfillment for years. I got to the top of my career, only to feel even more lost than I ever did!

I never felt like I belonged in that bubble, but it's all I knew. I was terrified of not knowing anything else. I didn't know anything else!

Every person around me who was starting a business was failing .. only to return to the corporate world.

I didn't want to give up my 6-figure income, safety, and security. 

My pride stopped me from starting over.

But after experiencing mental, emotional, and physical burnout and getting diagnosed with a heart condition caused by stress, I took my leap of faith.

I took the biggest risk of my life and worked with a Coach. I always wanted to get into Coaching but had no clue how to even go about it.

I built my online business, following. a proven, step-by-step process, guided by the top business coaches in the world.

And it happened .. within 6 months, I matched my 6-figure corporate salary and said goodbye for good.

I left my 18-year (very successful) corporate career and will never look back.

I can help you because I know what works and what doesn’t; and what it takes to become a successful Corporate Escapee. I know the shortcuts and the fundamentals to focus on.


And that is why I help 9-5'ers turn their interests, skills, and expertise into a profitable online consulting business, whilst still in their 9-5, and without risking income.

 So what exactly is Coaching? 

Coaching is a process of in-depth conversations and thought-provoking sessions that help you find answers within you, powered by proven tools and techniques which guide you to achieve your goals consistently.

Whatever area in your life you need to address (your relationship, career, health, fitness, or your business), coaching is one of the most valuable tools you can ever have. It's an investment in yourself and can yield some of the highest returns.

My Coaching & Mentoring Approach


I'm a Business & Mindset Coach.


My role is to get you to become a successful Corporate Escapee, with a 6-figure online consultancy business, with at least your first 3-5 paying clients.


My approach follows how I live my life: I’m direct, to the point, I don’t BS and I can’t stand fluff.

I get sh*t done and encourage my clients to get their sh*t done too.

This comes from my boarding school up-bringing, going to University at 16, my disciplined ethos, and my background as a competitive athlete.


I take no excuses. I only work with people who are serious about making a change for themselves.

I recognise that change can be challenging. It takes dedication, discipline, and consistency and I’m here to ensure that you stay on track with achieving your goals.

The Investment

What price would you put on re-creating your life as a business owner and 6-figure entrepreneur??


I have a range of payment plans to accommodate all budgets.

I want this to be attainable for anyone who truly wants it.


If you’re worried about the investment, think of what you will get out of this investment.

You’ve probably paid more for a holiday .. don’t question an investment that will change your life.


 Money-Back Guarantee 

To ensure you get value from my program, I offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

If you feel that you’re not getting value out of our sessions, or that we are not the right fit within the first 14 days, you will get all your money back.


 What Can Coaching Do For You? 

It can do what it did for me - turn me into a successful entrepreneur!

You are destined for greater things. Don't stay trapped, playing under someone else's rules.

So, if you want to explore how you can become a Corporate Escapee and start your business while still in your 9-5, schedule a time for us to talk and have a powerful session together.

We will create a plan that suits you .. to help you achieve your goals.

I guarantee that this session will leave you feeling clearer, motivated, and ready to hit the road again.

Invest in yourself .. don’t make excuses .. create the life you want to live.


Book the call now .. control your life .. don't let life control you.